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Anhui Guosheng Quantum Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Guosheng Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic high-tech enterprise focusing on quantum industry. The company independently researches and develops new sensing equipment based on quantum precision measurement technology to realize the localization of new quantum sensing equipment; uses scientific and technological advantages to combine industrial application scenarios to continuously launch quantum products to solve technical problems in existing industrial production and improve production Efficiency and product quality, strive to use high-tech technology, produce high-end instruments and equipment, promote industrial development, promote industrial upgrading, develop together with the times, and prosper with the country.

The company was established in Hefei National University Science and Technology Park in 2019. The company has core technologies and talents in the field of quantum technology. It has developed a variety of sensing equipment and quantum products based on quantum technology. The main customers include domestic and foreign research and development. Manufacturing, production testing and other units, mainly involved in areas including: quantum measurement, quantum sensing, quantum optics, quantum chips, quantum materials, quantum education, etc.

The company adheres to the scientific research spirit of "promoting red and professional, blending theory and practice" and shoulders the mission of "Science and technology serve the country, and industry rejuvenates the nation." , Fulfilling its mission, fulfilling its mission, and becoming a quantum technology enterprise, allowing quantum technology to truly help industry and benefit society.



At present, a variety of sensing devices and quantum products based on quantum technology have been developed.

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Contact:Yin Ying
Add:3-4/F, Building b1, Zhong'an Chuanggu Science Park, No. 900, Wangjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui

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