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The company adheres to the scientific research spirit of "promoting red and professional, blending theory and practice" and shoulders the mission of "Science and technology serve the country, and industry rejuvenates the nation." , Fulfilling its mission, fulfilling its mission, and becoming a quantum technology enterprise, allowing quantum technology to truly help industry and benefit society.
Magnetic sensor (quantum magnetic sensor)
The quantum magnetic sensor uses the spin resonance characteristics of the NV color center to split the energy level under the action of an external magnetic field. By manipulating and reading the quantum state of the V color center, it measures the intensity and change of the magnetic field to achieve high precision for the vector magnetic field. Sensing. It is widely used in the fields of medical testing, resource detection, positioning and navigation, anti-submarine detection, material analysis, detection and measurement.
Quantum current transformer
Quantum current transformer combines quantum magnetic sensing technology, quantum algorithm and optical control technology to achieve high precision, high stability, AC and DC measurement. It can realize accurate current measurement with a large dynamic range, and cooperate with the relay protection device to realize real-time accurate protection and automatic control of the power grid system.
Quantum non-destructive testing equipment
Quantum non-destructive testing equipment
Quantum non-destructive testing equipment
Quantum non-destructive testing equipment
Quantum non-destructive testing equipment
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